Team - Jake Ehrlich

Jake Ehrlich

Director of Student Ministries

Jake has served as youth pastor at Lost Creek for 20 years. He is passionate about helping young people connect with their faith and showing them how to be disciples to their peers. When he not busy at Lost Creek you can find him teaching Physical Education in the Perkins School District.

Jake has been married to his wife Sarah for over 20 years and they have two children, Oscar and Mazey.

Sermons by Jake Ehrlich

Title Speaker Date
Was Jesus A Stepping Stone? Jake Ehrlich 1382274180Oct 20, 2013
Take The Bull By The Horns Jake Ehrlich 1413734400Oct 19, 2014
Mind Control Jake Ehrlich 1477834200Oct 30, 2016
SENT: To Change The World Jake Ehrlich 1557072000May 05, 2019

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Jake Ehrlich

Director of Student Ministries

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