Team - Diann Rudd

Diann Rudd

Director of Music Ministries

Diann was introduced to Max by her Great Aunt Katherine who was a member of Lost Creek when Max was appointed.  She and Max have been married for 35 years.  Besides her duties as the music director of Lost Creek, Diann is a retired elementary music teacher from Perkins-Tryon Elementary school, and currently teaches piano lessons.  Besides music, her interests include reading, cross stitch, and quilting.

Sermons by Diann Rudd

Title Speaker Date
Alaska Mission 2012 Report - 11:00 Service Diann Rudd 1341763200Jul 08, 2012
Setting Diann Rudd 1337520600May 20, 2012
I Am the Vine Diann Rudd 1336311000May 06, 2012
Great Power; Great Grace Diann Rudd 1334496600Apr 15, 2012
The Hour has Come Diann Rudd 1332682200Mar 25, 2012
Easy Street Runs One Direction; To Bad we're Driving the Wrong Way Diann Rudd 1330266600Feb 26, 2012
Mission in Kenai, Alaska Diann Rudd 1319981400Oct 30, 2011
Burning Bush Diann Rudd 1314538200Aug 28, 2011
The Adventure of Discipleship Diann Rudd 1422205200Jan 25, 2015

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