Team - Adam Shahan

Adam Shahan

Lead Pastor

Adam began serving as Lead Pastor for Lost Creek in 2018. Before coming to Lost Creek, Adam served Moore 1st UMC in Moore, OK for seven years. While at Moore 1st UMC, he assisted in growing a new, modern worship service from 40 to over 165 and began a network of Wesleyan small group ministries from one group meeting in his living room to twenty groups across Norman, Moore, and OKC. Adam coaches individual pastors and church leadership teams and has consulted in the areas of worship, preaching, and small group minsitries across Oklahoma. 
Adam is married to Aly, who works for the OSU Wesley Foundation in Stillwater and serves as associate conference lay leader and co-chair of the Annual Conference Council for the OKUMC. 
Adam's passions include preaching and teaching; sacred music; team building and leadership development; and helping groups catch clear, shared visions for ministry.
Adam and Aly have a son and a daughter in Perkins-Tryon schools.

Sermons by Adam Shahan

Title Speaker Date
New Wine, New Wineskins Adam Shahan 1528680600Jun 10, 2018
Submit to Be More Vile! Adam Shahan 1529285400Jun 17, 2018
The Uncomfortable Life of Loving Others Adam Shahan 1529847000Jun 24, 2018
He Lives! Adam Shahan 1531670400Jul 15, 2018
O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing Adam Shahan 1532871000Jul 29, 2018
It's Time To Talk- Part 1 Adam Shahan 1533528000Aug 05, 2018
It's Time To Talk- Part 2 Adam Shahan 1534089600Aug 12, 2018
It's Time To Talk- Part 3 Adam Shahan 1534694400Aug 19, 2018
Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith Adam Shahan 1535981400Sep 03, 2018
What Is The Church? Adam Shahan 1538323200Sep 30, 2018
Toxic Relationships Adam Shahan 1538919000Oct 07, 2018
Constant Enabling Adam Shahan 1540128600Oct 21, 2018
Toxic Relationships - Conclusion Adam Shahan 1540733400Oct 28, 2018
Abundant Life Adam Shahan 1541350800Nov 04, 2018
Pouring Out, But Not Ignoring Limitations Adam Shahan 1542551400Nov 18, 2018
Worship of God, But Not of Ourselves Adam Shahan 1543165200Nov 25, 2018
No Regrets: Recipes for a Faith-filled Christmas Adam Shahan 1543770000Dec 02, 2018
No Regrets: Recipes for a Faith-filled Christmas Adam Shahan 1544365800Dec 09, 2018
No Regrets: Recipes for a Faith-filled Christmas Adam Shahan 1544979600Dec 16, 2018
2018 Christmas Eve Adam Shahan 1545696000Dec 24, 2018
A Recipe for A Lifetime Adam Shahan 1546189200Dec 30, 2018
Know Your Resources Adam Shahan 1547398800Jan 13, 2019
God-Sized Growth Adam Shahan 1548003600Jan 20, 2019
Know How to Answer Everyone Adam Shahan 1548608400Jan 27, 2019
The Big 3 Adam Shahan 1549213200Feb 03, 2019
Fully Trained Relationships Adam Shahan 1549818000Feb 10, 2019
The Mountain of Fear & The Mountain of Joy Adam Shahan 1551632400Mar 03, 2019
Am I Enjoying Prayer Adam Shahan 1552838400Mar 17, 2019
Did the Bible Live In Me? Adam Shahan 1553443200Mar 24, 2019
Masks Adam Shahan 1554039000Mar 31, 2019
Am I a Slave to Friends, Dress or Work Habits? Adam Shahan 1554652800Apr 07, 2019
Is Christ Real To Me? Adam Shahan 1555248600Apr 14, 2019
A Book for the Poor Adam Shahan 1555853400Apr 21, 2019
SENT: To Change Hearts Adam Shahan 1556467200Apr 28, 2019
SENT: To Change Minds Adam Shahan 1557676800May 12, 2019
Spiritual Habit of Prayer Adam Shahan 1565539200Aug 11, 2019
The Spiritual Habit of Gratitude Adam Shahan 1566144000Aug 18, 2019
The Spiritual Habit of Meeting Adam Shahan 1566748800Aug 25, 2019
Why Should I Trust The Church and Religious Leaders? Adam Shahan 1567353600Sep 01, 2019
Do Miracles Still Happen Today? Adam Shahan 1567958400Sep 08, 2019
Why Are There So Many Hypocrites In Church? Adam Shahan 1568606400Sep 15, 2019
Are Faith and Science Opposed? Adam Shahan 1569168000Sep 22, 2019
Why Are The Claims of Christ and Christianity Exclusive? Adam Shahan 1569772800Sep 29, 2019
Jesus' Fam (Drove off without him) Adam Shahan 1570377600Oct 06, 2019
Joseph's Fam (Threw him into a well) Adam Shahan 1570982400Oct 13, 2019
Naomi's Fam (Had Mixed Results) Adam Shahan 1571587200Oct 20, 2019
The Church Fam Adam Shahan 1572192000Oct 27, 2019
Defeating Unmade Decisions Adam Shahan 1572800400Nov 03, 2019
Digging Our Own Cisterns Adam Shahan 1574010000Nov 17, 2019
Live In The Wilderness Awhile Adam Shahan 1574614800Nov 24, 2019
Waiting Adam Shahan 1575219600Dec 01, 2019
Mystery Adam Shahan 1575824400Dec 08, 2019
Redemption Adam Shahan 1576429200Dec 15, 2019
Incarnation Adam Shahan 1577025000Dec 22, 2019
Covenant Renewal Adam Shahan 1578243600Jan 05, 2020
Know Your Resources Adam Shahan 1579444200Jan 19, 2020
Feelings are Okay Adam Shahan 1580662800Feb 02, 2020
People are Broken Adam Shahan 1581258600Feb 09, 2020
Anything Mentionable is Manageable Adam Shahan 1581863400Feb 16, 2020
Practice, Practice, Practice Adam Shahan 1582468200Feb 23, 2020
The Real Thing Adam Shahan 1583082000Mar 01, 2020
"I'm Cutting You Off!" Adam Shahan 1583674200Mar 08, 2020
Discipleship and the Individual Adam Shahan 1584288000Mar 15, 2020
"Influencer" Saltiness and Light Adam Shahan 1595779200Jul 26, 2020
"Influencer" Elijah Adam Shahan 1596375000Aug 02, 2020
"Influencer" Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Adam Shahan 1596988800Aug 09, 2020
"Influencer" Judges Adam Shahan 1597593600Aug 16, 2020
"Influencer" The Canaanite Woman Adam Shahan 1598198400Aug 23, 2020
Bind or Loose: The Cross Adam Shahan 1598803200Aug 30, 2020
Bind and Loose: Jesus, Ipecac and Greatness Adam Shahan 1600617600Sep 20, 2020

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