Summer Camps

Summer Camps at Lost Creek

There are many camp opportunities through Lost Creek this summer.  Here is the basic list of camps.  Lost Creek will make transportation available to these camps on these dates.  Almost all of these camps have alternative dates, so if our date doesn’t work, you can certainly choose another.

Although you can register independently, we prefer that all registrations come through the church office.  This greatly helps us in arranging for transportation.  Just make payment to the church, and we will send one payment for all campers.

Scholarship assistance is available upon request.  Just complete the short form and return to the church with your registration.

FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION regarding camp descriptions and costs, books are available in the Information Center at church.  Also, the camp book can be downloaded at this site

Once you have selected your camp, you can register and pay camp registration fees on the GIVING page of this site.  Enter your personal information.  Scroll down the page and select the "Events & Registrations" option.  Select "Camps" from the drop down menu.  All these camps are listed.  Choose your camp and complete the registration and payment.

June 4 – 8.  Journey (Entering 6 – 8).   “GO!”  Camp Egan.

June 16 – 20.  J. E. M. (Junior High Effectiveness Ministry) (Entering Grades 6-8).  Canyon Camp

June 22 – 27.  Youth Force Hennessey. 

June 30 – July 4.  CYME (Conference Youth Ministry Enterprise).  (Entering grade 9 – graduated 12).  Crosspoint Camp.

July 6 – 11.  Youth Force Carthage, TX.

July 7 – 11.  Stillwater District Camp (Entering grades 7 – 12)

July 10 – 14.  Dayspring (Entering grade 9 – graduated 12).  Camp WOW.

July 11 – 13.  Joy Camp (Entering grades 3 – 5).  Camp Egan.

July 12 – 13.  Sonshine (Entering grades 1 & 2).  Camp Egan (alternate date June 28–29).

July 21 – 23.  Growin’ In Grace (Entering grades 3 – 5).  “I Am.”  Camp Egan (alternate date June 16–18)

July 21 – 25.  ‘Tweens Discover (Entering grade 6).  “God Spirit?” (alternate date June 16–20)

July 25 – 27.  Young Adult Camp (ages 18 – 25)  Camp Egan.

July 25 – 27.  Family Gathering (all ages)  Canyon Camp.