Sunday School


Classes cover Birth- 7th Grade


Nursery: Infants- 3 year olds 

The littlest members of our groups can find fun age appropriate toys, snacks and lessons in the nursery. Child care is provided from 8:30-12 p.m. every Sunday, and on special church occasions or by request.


3 year olds - 5 year olds

Class Taught by Miss Cindy and Miss Rachael

Stop by and join the fun. New curriculum will start in 2015, and we have plenty of Play-Doh and VeggieTales to share!


Kindergarden - 2nd grade

Class Taught by Miss Sarah and Miss Marlene

Join our group and help us earn more bible bucks to buy goats, chickens and more for villages across the globe. We've reached several goals and we're gaining speed on new ones!


3rd - 5th graders

Class taught by Miss Cristina 

You're in for a fun filled, high energy lesson with the "CREW" group. Want to know what CREW stands for? Be sure to ask one of our students and they'll fill you in on how they named their class!


6th - 7th graders

Class taught by Miss Charley 

With curriculum covering current preteen issues and an inviting atmosphere this class is a perfect fit for those ready for deeper conversations about God ans what it looks like to be a Christian today.