Adult Sunday School


Sunday School meets every Sunday

9:45-10:45 am.


11th-12th: Back to Basics


This is an opportunity for older high schoolers and those starting college to meld together and discuss their fundamental beliefs, and how it shapes their world. Course curriculum stays current and often revolves around discussions, led by Jake Erlich, on current events and the group member’s viewpoints. Come visit this group and gain insight into what it is like to be a young modern Christian growing in your discipleship. 





The Rediscovery Young Adults Bible Study, led by Sharon Kinzie and Amy Petermann, meets in room 103. This class houses young adults in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties; curriculum stays pertinent to young adults and young families. Visit this group and see what life is like for rising young adults, newlyweds and parents of toddlers.


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The SonRise Class meets on Sunday mornings in Room 102.  Clint and Sara Metcalf are the facilitators.  Class members are mid 30-40 something adults.  Most are married with children, but not all.  Class content covers basic biblical information along with topical courses pertinent to families and children; discussions touch on busy life as a Christian parent and how to handle the many factors and stresses of modern life.


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The Seekers Sunday School Class meets in Room 105; Katrina Jarvis leads this group in lively theological discussions, filled with diverse viewpoints. Their mission is to study God's Word together to offer encouragement and thoughtful discussion to strengthen their walk with Jesus. Class members tend to be over 40, but all ages are welcome. Course content and curriculum is chosen by the class members, but can also be topical.

Like most of the Sunday School class, seeker is meeting in person and virtually, if you would like to be included in the zoom meeting please email Katrina for the meeting number and passcode.


Wanna Be’s:


The Wanna Be's Sunday School Class is open to adults of all ages, although most attending tend to be over 50-60.  Patsy Rains leads this class, which is the largest of the Sunday School classes with attendance varying from 20-30+ adults. The class meets in the "Old Sanctuary" which is located at the far North end of the building.  Couples and Singles are welcome.  Course content covers a wide range of current topics and Bible Study lessons, with the class choosing the curriculum. This is an excellent class to explore to expand your knowledge of the bible, both through the course curriculum and the insightful discussion offered through course members.


Swinging Saints:


Comically named for their age, the Swinging Saints meet in the Centennial Room; Class members tend to be senior adults. Buddy Moore leads this more intimate size group (around 10 adults) in a traditional Bible study to broaden the groups theological knowledge and historical grasp of the Bible.