Is baptism required for church membership?  Yes.

If I have been baptized in another church, do I have to be baptized again?  Great question!  NO!  Because baptism is seen as a work of God’s grace on our behalf, we do not attach baptism to a place, time or method.  Baptism is about God, it isn’t about you or a church name.  That’s what makes baptism such a precious gift!

If I have done some heavy sinning since my baptism, can I be baptized again?  Once again, remember, baptism is about God’s work of grace; not you.  Baptism is a once in a lifetime experience.  Within the service of baptism and membership, there are means by which baptism can be reclaimed and reaffirmed in very meaningful ways. In baptism, we make promises to God, and God makes promises to us.  We are prone to break promises of many kinds.  The heartbeat of the gospel is that God never breaks a promise.  Everyone needs repentance, and God’s grace has made ample provision for that reality! 


Is there an adult version of a Confirmation Class?  The answer is a definite “Yes and No.”  Lost Creek offers a vast array of adult courses that focus on many different aspects of Christian Discipleship.  All these courses are planned to increase our understanding and faith.  There are some “Adult Confirmation” options, though:

Lost Creek 101 is a short course on church history, membership and faith development.  Visit the Lost Creek 101 tab for complete information.

Disciple Bible Studies are offered at various times.  It is highly recommended that everyone enroll in a Disciple Bible Study course.



Just contact the church office and we will schedule your baptism or transfer of membership.