LC 101

LC 101 is a three session course that is presented twice annually for adults who have either recently become members of Lost Creek or who may be considering a membership commitment.  The three sessions usually meet during the Sunday School hour on three consecutive Sunday mornings at 9:45.

The topics of LC 101 are:

Session One:  Who We Are.  Lost Creek is a diverse group coming from many backgrounds.  The “demographics” of the congregation are shared.  During this session, we also cover some general church history as well as basic information about the United Methodist Church.

Session Two:  What We Believe.  We cover a speedy overview of history from the Protestant Reformation, through John Wesley, and to the present day.  Practically, we present the core values of Lost Creek, how scripture is taught at Lost Creek, and answer any specific questions participants may have.

Session Three:  Why We Do What We Do.  Session three examines how the core values and beliefs of our church translate into practical mission and ministry.  Specific information is presented about how to become involved in the church.

If you have any questions, please visit with Max at the church.